Bungee Rope Tug Small


This Small bungee is 120cm long, it is made with 100% cotton and they come in a variety of bright fun colours. You can machine wash to keep clean.



This 100% made in Australia product is a great enrichment toy for your Dog. It is a must have for puppies who love to tug and pull at shoe laces and clothing.. You can hang it up and let the dog jump up to tug the ends. Its great to entertain them when left alone. You can attach a plastic bottle to the end, cut holes in the side and fill with treats or dry food, so as they tug the treats will fall out. They even jut like trying to get the plastic bottle itself as it noisy to chew.

Even older dogs whom are very active love it and the bungees are durable for the stronger breeds.

Additional information

Weight .350 kg
Dimensions 22 × 18 × 8 cm